sammie2A study of canine cancer indicates that EMF may pose a cancer risk to humans. Published in the February 15th issue of the ‘American Journal of Epidemiology’, Dr. John S. Reif and his team of the researchers at Colorado State University of Veterinary Medicine have reported that the family pet may be a “sentinel species” much like canary used in mine shafts to detect a gas leak that would be likely to kill a human if exposed.Dr. Reif and his research team studied 230 dogs that had been hospitalized with lymphoma. After a review of the wiring in each pet’s home, Reif and his research team measured the EMF where the dog spent the majority of its time.

Reif concluded that the overhead electric power lines that ran adjacent to the homes and along the streets connecting the homes constituted the biggest overall contributor to residential EMF. It was the external warning – rather than the homes integral wiring system that fetched the prize as the problem area. They also found that the dogs exposed to EMF’s from these overhead lines had an 80% greater risk of contracting cancer than the dogs that lived where the powerlines were buried. The canine cancer risk was 90% greater in dogs who lived in homes where the EMF was in excess of 2 mG. This study has very important ramifications as lymphoma in dogs is similar to human leukemia and has been used as a comparison in a number of other studies involving pollutants.

Leading EMF journal ‘Microwave News’ reported on this new study in its March/April Issue (1999). Dr. Reif told ‘Microwave News’ that the results are “supportive of the notion that exposure to EMFs as measured by wire codes is associated with lymphoma.”

Clearly, its a dog day afternoon for pet owners. As is evidenced throughout this issue, EMF is the culprit for various life threatening illness in humans – has been identified as a contributor to the destruction of dairy farms throughout America’s farmlands and now has been linked to canine cancer as well. It is apparent that it is ALL life that is threatened by this invisible killer.

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